How to turn off the Mouse right click on on the Blog

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often called also disable right click on the travel malang juanda mouse on the blog, in honor of his is so that existing content on your blog can not copy by others, many of the new bloggers who haven't been able to write well, they voted to cut other people's articles to fill their blog.

By karna it when an article on a blog you don't want copied by the bloggers I mentioned above, you can turn off click right mouse button on your blog.

OK, here is how to turn off or disable right click on the mouse on the blog.

Login to blogger with your ID

On the Dashboard page click the link your Blog name

Click the menu Layout > > Add a Gadget, select the type of gadget ' HTLM/Javasript ' then paste the code below into the box Content, does not need to be given a title.

var message = "sorry, right click not allowed!";
function clickIE4 () {if (event. buttons == 2) {alert (message); return false;}}
function clickNS4 (e) {if (document.cookie layers || document. getElementById & &! URdocument.all) {if (e. which == 2 || e. which == 3) {alert (message); return false;}}}
If (document.cookie layers) {document.cookie captureEvents (MOUSEDOWN Event);d ocument. onmousedown = clickNS4;}
else if (URdocument.all & &! document. getElementById) {document. onmousedown = clickIE4;}
document. oncontextmenu = new Function ("alert (message); return false")
Then click save.
Then Check your blog, try to do a right mouse click on an article, if disable right mouse click is successful, say Alhamdulillah.. Read also his other blog tips

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